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Wholesome Hide makes the shapes, sizes and styles of rawhide chews that are most familiar to dog owners. Wholesome Hide’s decades of experience in processing natural USA beef hide gives us a knowledge base that allows us to produce innovative products that are unique to our company.
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Standard Products
Basted Products
Specialty Products
Flat Knot Bones


Retriever Rolls

Retriever Rolls with Bacon (Bacon in a Blanket)

Porkhide Only Retriever Rolls

Chips or Flips

Beef Hide/Pork Hide Combo Bones (Bones with Bacon)







Basted products use clear natural flavoring extracts used in the food industry. We use a variety of natural coloring to give products an acceptable appearance. All basted rawhide products will stain light colored carpeting regardless of what the manufacturer may claim. Our process dries the basting onto the product and it is quite stable, but you should still use caution where your dog enjoys this product.
• Current basting flavors:
Hickory, Bacon, Beef, Peanut Butter, Chicken
• Current basted product:
Bones, Rolls, Chips, Donuts & Twists




BF Retriver





Ground rawhide extruded and dried in a “candy bar” shape with beef flavor or mixed with dried sweet potatoes, chia seed, carrot or apples. A good substitute for biscuits.


Rawhide Jerky Bars

Ground rawhide extruded and dried in a 2” x 4” shape with dried duck, chicken or pork.



Exclusive to Wholesome Hide, Yum-Chux is a toy and a treat literally rolled into one. We take a sturdy, USA all-natural cotton rope, thread it through one or two rolls of USA rawhide and tie a sturdy knot on both ends. When the dog is finished with the rawhide chew, it has a nice rope to play with.



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